Of course, you can deal directly with the big service providers like Amazon, Azure, Microsoft, etc. The problem is that they may not be able to connect to your applications. They can, however, help you create your architecture, and offer you the services to develop and manage a cloud infrastructure on your own. However, the in-depth knowledge about each application is always based on the experience of an integration company that is used to bridging the gap between customer needs and the capabilities of each cloud service provider.

Cloudover can work with you and become a one-stop shop for your needs. We offer services that will help guide you, help you choose the best route for you, target the best cost-benefit options from leading vendors, develop your architecture, and help you execute your business case and migration plan.

With its exceptional know-how, Cloudover accompanies you during the migration of your infrastructure, without losing sight of the performance and operability of your applications with respect to your business processes. This extensive application knowledge is backed by a 24-hour support team specializing in many systems.

The cloud can be an exceptional experience or a real problem if you are not properly accompanied and supported. You may feel overwhelmed by all the options and scenarios to consider before making an informed decision. All solutions seem worthy, but getting support from a partner like Cloudover can be a real lifesaver and ensure a sensible and smooth migration to the cloud. Contact us now!

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